Electronics Engineering Technology Program

Technology has recently and rapidly developed. Along with it, the need of human resources working in this area is increasing fastly. Technology becomes necessary for every part of our life, from the TV, the computer to the smart phone which turns more popular. You appreciate the one who made it and want to become one of them? Your dream of a future, creating your own new hi-tech device, not only to support daily activities but also a “workhorse” for  further  researching (technology, space,…)? Now your dream will come true at SaigonTech.

SaigonTech not only provides you with the theory base but also the great practical platform where you can use what you had learned to earn valuable experience and practice your professional manner to apply for international technology companies/corporations right after your graduation.



  • For the very first time in Vietnam, there is an Electrical Engineering Technology, that all Teaching – Practicing in English. You can fluently and confidently communicate in a multicultural  environment and work for international technology companies/ cooperation in Vietnam and around the world.

  • With your official America Degree and its world wide using, you also got a wider door to transfer your studying/ working career aboard after your graduation.

  • Studying program is usually updated with latest technology from reputable hi-tech producers: Altera, Texas Instruments, National Instruments, Microchip,… Moreover, SaigonTech students get chances to be trained as an intern at reliable technology companies/corporationa where they can use what they learned to earn valuable experience and practice their professional manner.

  • Students are well – equipped with all necessary soft skills - officially training during the program (business mail/report composing, critical thinking, public speaking, humanity & art, ...)

With all the featuring, an Electrical Engineering Technology student from SaigonTech is guaranteed to have their job after their graduation. They are also ensured to be well-equipped with all the skills of designing, building, operating, approaching with latest technology achievement – in which they can use to create new high quality technique to support all part of life.