SaigonTech's Mission is to combine education and training with research and development alongside with providing engineering services to effectively contribute to the continuing high technology expansion in Vietnam.

SaigonTech consistently exerts all efforts to find the best ways to transfer world-standard information technology to the hands of the Vietnamese workforce, matching students' skills  with labor market needs, and providing them with proper guidance in career development.

SaigonTech rigorously executes its mission with total focus on the workforce's needs, which are effective Development, appropriate Deployment, and guided Direction.

SaigonTech's Vision is a quest for proven innovation in the Management of Intellectual Resources. The innovative idea of  "managing by servicing" has been proven the best tool for growth.

SaigonTech is an Institute of Technology, founded on the belief that the abundant raw talents in Vietnam can be transformed into a world class workforce through the incubation of proper educational services opportunities for hands-on project engineering, and practical participation in research & development.

At SaigonTech, instructors practice self-improvement, managers learn to assist their subordinates, and students learn to excel through the services rendered by faculty and management.

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