Business Administration Program


quan tri kinh doanh hay kinh doanh quan ly hay Business Management hay Business Administration


The Business, Marketing and Management* cluster of programs provides students with the knowledge and skills to assume a variety of entry-level positions in the worlds of both national and international business. These programs introduce individuals to the organizational and management functions and processes of a business firm or organization. Students are instructed in management theory, human resources management and behavior, accounting, office administrative services, organization and production, marketing, and business decision-making.

In addition to teaching experience, instructors bring valuable practical experience from business and industry to the classroom. This experience enhances the students' preparation and ability to pursue their professional careers.

Every workforce program that SaigonTech offers contains a "capstone", an experience for the student to "put it all together". The capstone might consist of an external learning experience (e.g., co-op, clinical, etc.), a course especially designed to help students synthesize knowledge and skills, or a licenser exam as appropriate.

On May 12th, 2006, HCC agreed to allow SaigonTech to offer a certain number of Academic courses and Workforce courses in Business Administration. Since then, both parties have been working enormously to reach the final agreement for full Business Administration programs to be conducted at SaigonTech. The official deadline is planed to be in October 2007.

Students who opt to pursue Business, Marketing& Management programs are enabled to obtain AAS degrees from HCC in the following:






  • You can register to have placement test about English to be put in one of the levels suitable for you before register to the school.
  • If you already have IELTS 5.5 certificate or TOEFL-iBT 61 certificate or higher, you do not have to take the English training program.

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