Saigon Institute of Technology’s Center of Excellence, located on 6th floor, SaigonTech Tower, QTSC, is a center for the transfer of technologies and teaching/learning methodologies.


° The center’s mission is to promote technologies by providing access to technology information, showcasing technologies, fostering relationships with clients, matching client’s needs with the right technologies at the right time, facilitating part­nerships between clients and experts/consultants.

° Another mission is to promote teaching/learning methodolo­gies through organizing train-the-trainers programs, work­shops, seminars and providing consultancy services. The center is committed to excellent performance so that the right technologies and good teaching/learning methodologies will be provided to the Vietnamese people and businesses for improv­ing their quality of life and productivity.

The current goals and objectives of the center are

1.  To promote technologies in the following areas:

°  Computer Science Technologies

°  Computer Networks and Security

°  Image Processing and Recognition

°  E-Health

°  Bio-Technology

°  Nano-Technology

°  Process Technology

2. To promote teaching/ learning methodologies in the follow­ing areas:

°  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Training

°  Business Training

° Linguistic Training