Chip Design and Embedded System Programming - AAS


thiet ke chip va lap trinh he thong nhung SaigonTech


Before taking the Chip Design major, you need to have the definition of what “Chip Design” is? Chip is the motherboard integrating many elements, each of these elements is a semiconductor circuit which can do their own calculator function. Chip in an essential part of every electronic device.

The evaluation criterion of a chip is based on its function, processing speed, electricity consumption, size and the manufacture time. It means if a chip got multi-function integrated, high processing speed, low electricity consumption, compact size and takes short manufacture time, it’s will be rated as a good chip – which go along well with the chip manufacture trend of the top companies like: Intel, Samsung, Renesas, ARM, Applied Micro…


Embedded system is a small circuit board designed to be integrated into a bigger system to operate a specific function. For example, a smart phone which can take photo, play music, access to the internet, every function of it is a small embedded system that was integrated into the main circuit board.

Being widely applied in the technology industrial, embedded system is strongly rising up in the Information Technology Industrial.

At SaigonTech, the curriculum is compiled to help student set a good base of micro controlling, operating system and driver. Student will not only get the theory base but they are, at the same time, practice what they’ve learned at the school well- equipped IT LAB with latest technology. After graduation, students will get chances to become embedded system programing engineer, driver developing engineer, testing engineer in the international IT group.

Degree Plan 2017 - 2018

Degree Plan 2016 - 2017

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  • High school graduation.
  • English base (optional). Before taking your program in SaigonTech, you will join in an English testing examination to classify your level. If you already got 5.5 (or over) IELTS or TOEFL- iBT 61 (or over) certification, you can go directly to the Associated Applied Science program of SaigonTech.

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