In order to establish a pure English learning environment for stu­dents to practice English at all times, Policy No.2 was introduced: “No Vietnamese spoken on SaigonTech campus, except for par­ents and customers”. All members of SaigonTech must comply with and strictly supervise this policy. This policy also applies to new comers, whose English communication skills are still limited. Freshmen follow the policy at all time while on campus. In case students cannot express their ideas in English, they should try their best in every way to avoid speaking in Vietnamese. Each time students are found violating this policy, 2% of the total score of all courses in the current semester will be deducted.

Note: There are three types of courses which are conducted in Vietnamese at SaigonTech. They are:

(1) Computer Literacy; (2) Laws, Physical Education, National De­fense Training, Political Education; (3) Tutoring. Policy No.2 (Eng­lish Only on Campus) is not applied in these classes. Teachers and students are allowed to communicate in Vietnamese during the class hour. However, when the class is over, they must comply with Policy No.2 as normal.

Policy Statement

Speaking Vietnamese is prohibited at SaigonTech with the excep­tion for students’ parents and SaigonTech’s clients.

Reasons for Policy

A Target Language Community (TLC) is one where the inhabitants speak the language, which the student is learning; for students of English, an English-speaking community would be a TLC. The students would need to learn English to survive in the community. For this reason, SaigonTech finds it necessary to create a learning environment in which English is the only language used to instruct and communicate, and students’ nonstop improvement on English is a must.

This policy is applied to

-   Chancellor

-   Vice Chancellor

-   AAS Program Director

-   Chair of General English Program

-   Deans

-   Department Heads

-   Instructors

-   All employees

-   All students


All Members of SaigonTech.

Observe this policy and monitor adherence to it at their levels of involvement in SaigonTech. They are responsible for informing staff of any violations in a timely manner by providing evidence and identification of the violator.

Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, AAS Program Director, Chair of General English Program, Deans, Department Heads, Instructors and Supervisors.

As leaders and role models, they are expected to lead SaigonTech as it implements this policy.


Where a violation of the English only policy is occurred, the follow­ing penalties shall be imposed:

1. Students

Each time the student violates the policy, 2% will be deducted from the total 100% of each course taken by the student in the current semester, except Vietnamese courses.

2. Staff, Instructors

The Department Heads and Deans will record the violations and use them to evaluate staff or instructors’ performance and promotion.