English Training Program

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The English Training Program of SaigonTech has been built with the purposes of improving and enhancing English skill, helping you have a good start and gain execellent achievement in your study process at SaigonTech or other international universities. This is full-time training program.

In addition to the courses from basic to advanced level to develop 5 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar, the program also teaches TOEFL-iBT specialized courses (international English certificate), the academic English skills in the curriculum of American standards: presentations, abstracts, written thesis, etc. 

SaigonTech instructors will help you gain 5 big targets in your learning English scheme:


The 1st target: Using English to communicate in society

- Students will use English to join in communicating social activities
- Students will use English to speak and write to express themselves and other entertaining activities.
- Students will use learning methods to develop communication skill.


The 2nd target: Using English to achieve the goals of all subjects.

- Students will exercise English to communicate in class.

- Students will use English to receive, handle, build, provide information and topic as Speaking and Writing skill.
- Students will use suitable learning methods to build and apply expertise in a good way.


The 3rd target: Use of English appropriate to the characteristics of society and culture.

- Student will use English which is suitable to communication context with listeners, purposes and situation.
- Students will use non-verbal communication methods suitable to the listeners, and environmental purposes.

- Students will use pertinent studing methods to enhance ability to understand about culture-society and sociology language.


The 4th target: Pass the TOEFL iBT international test with the score of 61 or higher, and the SAT with a score of 550 or higher in English (Verbal Section).

- Student will have ability to understand and speak English well.

- Student will have ability to recognize writing English structure exactly and present sentence in an sufficient way.
- Student will have ability to understand, express and analyze paragraphs with different topics.


The 5th target: Be familiar with technical term (Academic and Computer Science), focus on increasing vocabulary and aplying grammar exactly.​




Foudation classes 0

Learners who have almost no knowledge of English


Elementary classes 1-2

- Concentrating on listening, speaking, writing, pronunciation and communication skills


Intermediate classes 3-4

Getting familiar with note taking, summarizing, guessing ideas, etc. as essential skills for essay writing skills at university level.


TOEFLE classes 5-6

- Focusing on necessary academic skills to get a TOEFL certificate as proof of your English proficiency.

- Writing lession have more complicated structures and genres in texts covering natural and social science topics.


Completing English training program at SaigonTech, you can immediately step into the Houston Community College program at SaigonTech campus.


  • You can register to have placement test about English to be put in one of the levels suitable for you before register to the school.
  • If you already have IELTS 5.5 certificate or TOEFL-iBT 61 certificate or higher, you do not have to take the English training program.

Should you have any things to ask, please contact to our Consulting & Recruitment officer at 08 3715 5033 or hotline: 09 150 150 88