Frequently asked question

1. SaigonTech Certificate

After graduating from SaigonTech which certificate will I get?

Students graduating from SaigonTech will get the official academic certificate from Houston Community College, United State of America.

Is the official academic certificate from Houston Community College, United State of America internationally valid?

Students graduating from SaigonTech with the official academic certificate from Houston Community College (HCC) have no diffences with the America campus students. HCC is a public college accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commisson on Collges (SACSCOC), United State of America , therefore, their certificate is nationally and internationally valid.

What about the expiration of the certification?

The certificate of HCC is a DEGREE, similar to University/College degree of VietNam, will be valid permanently.

2. What are the benefits of SaigonTech’s students?

Do students studying at SaigonTech have the same benefits at the one in HCC America? What are they?

Students studying at SaigonTech have the same benefit at the one in HCC America:

Students name is officially archived in HCC student list. Students are provided with ID to access to their e-handbook on HCC online system; students can exclusively and freely use HCC e-library. Most of all, SaigonTech students will receive their academic report & degree directly from HCC.

When register at SaigonTech, can male students be considered to postpone their military duty?

When male students register in SaigonTech program, they will be provided with a letter of verification to consider postponing thei military duty. (According 03/CP decree, Jan 16th 1995 of the Socialist Republic of VietNam).

Does SaigonTech has any support for students who want to study aboard?

SaigonTech has the studying abroard office to which students can contact for the full process of going abroard for studying. With the experienced & professional crew, reliable America partner schools, our students can transfer their study program during or after their HCC program at SaigonTech. Contact us [link văn phòng du học??]

Does SaigonTech get extracurricular activities?

 As an America school, we organize our extracurricular program as the model of an America campus right in VietNam. Beside the special occasion event (cultural, holiday celebration, charity projects,), we always have our clubs schedule for student to enjoy their hobbies of art, languages and physical training. We currently have

Drama Club:

Music Club:

English Club:

French Club:

Vovinam Club:

3. Recruitment conditions

How much is the application fee of SaigonTech?

The document fee is 150.000 VND, and the application fee is 20$.

When is the application time of SaigonTech?

SaigonTech follows the recruitment schedule of other America Universities/Colleges, we have 3 semesters/year. Students can register in any of these semesters: Fall (September), Summer (June) or Spring (January).

I want more detail about the entrancing test of SaigonTech?

The 2 entrancing tests of SaigonTech are: Math (multiple choices) and Essay. The tests will be in Vietnamese (for Vietnamese students) and in English (for international students).

Multiple choices Math: Base on the model of the America graduation test, checking on the logic skills and the sensitive ability of solving problems.

Essay: require student to give their opinion/view about the given topic.
Student has to gain at least 5 points for each test to pass.

I graduated 3 years ago, can I still applying for SaigonTech?

All candidates with high school certificate (or similar certificate) can apply for SaigonTech program and will be chosen if they meet all the requirements of us. If you graduated 3 years ago (or over), you still can apply for SaigonTech program.

My English skills is still weak, will I be trained more for it?
After register for SaigonTech, students will join the English classifying tests to be arranged in the suitable level of English classes at the first academic year.Our General English has 6 levels, students are well – equipped with 4 flexible English skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Complete this program; our students can confidently learn the Houston Community College Associate of Applied Science program (AAS) in English. After these 6 levels of English, our students archieve the English skill which is similar to IELTS 5.5 (or TOEFL iBT 6.0).

4. Tuition fee and Scholarship?

The SaigonTech program (general English and Pre classes) fee is paid by year.
The HCC fee is paid by credits/semester.

For more infor please kindly refer to the “Tuition fee tab” on our website or in our catalog.

For our scholarship please kindly refer to the “Scholarship” tab on our website or in our catalog.

5. The SaigonTech Curricular

What is the agreement between SaigonTech and HCC?

The cooporration between SaigonTech and HCC is the official partnership between 2 educational organizations.

SaigonTech students are granted with official Houston Community College Association of Applied Science degree. Graduated students from SaigonTech have to archive certain standards to get the Information Technology/ Computer Science or Business – Management certification from HCC. The cooporation ensures to provide students with the same curricular as the HCC America campus.

What is “accreditation”?

A post- high school educational organization accredited by the America Southern Association of Colleges and Schools demonstrates that this organization has goals that are appropriate for higher education and have enough resources, programs and services to implement and maintain this goal. Accreditation shows that an educational organization maintains training objectives consistent with its mission and is consistent with the organization’s ongoing training programs and shows that the unit is performing successfully in achieving the goals.Acreditation by the America Southern Association of Schools and Colleges shows that this educational organization is committed to providing effective training and services, based on the conditions of the accrediting organization. Accreditation verifies the qualifications of the accredited organization and proves that students graduate from a reputable institution. Accreditation determines the basis for transferring / transferring subjects/credits as students move from one institution to another.

What is credit program?

The program in SaigonTech is the credits achieving program. Students have to complete 63-67 credits (about 20 -22 subjects)/major and request for the degree. Students can passively choose their suitable subjects and make their old schedule. Therefore, student can make a decision of how long their academic program will last according to their finance and ability.

How is the schedule?
At SaigonTech, we follow the HCC schedule: there are 3 semesters (Spring, Summer, Fall). At the beginning of every semester, new students can join us; currently student will register for their curricular themselves. The break time between 2 semesters lasts about 2 weak/search and 2 special weeks of Tết holiday. However, the process duration at SaigonTech is up to students. If they want longer break time, they can postpone their academic semester by not register any credits. The schedule depends on the registered subjects. Classes usually start at 7:30 and latest classes end at 17:30.

How can I join the IT program without any base about it?

Students coming to our IT program are most likely fresh graduated from high school; they got very little knowledge about IT. Our mission is to bring them to what they need to explore. The advantage of SaigonTech IT student is their English skills, we ensure to provide the high quality
IT engineer with good English base and steady expertise.

Is the curriculum in English or Vietnamese? Is it difficult?
SaigonTEch curriculum is directly provided by HCC, in English. Our program is 100% learning in English. Students have to take English courses (according to their level) before taking the AAS program.

If I’ve already graduated from another university, will some of my credits be transferred?

It’s depend on the program

The General English program: If students already got TOEFL iBT 61 or IELTS 5.5 (and over), they can skip the General English program and go directly to the AAS. If students haven’t got any of these certification, they will have a classify test, along with the test result, students will take the English courses which is suitable to their level before they can join AAS program.

The HCC program (for student who is currently (or already) studying in another Viet Nam University/College): they have to submit their academic report & related document for transferring or skipping their credits. The condition of transferring/skipping credits is: the subject has to get the similar content and studying method with the HCC credits.
The Vietnamese courses (Law, Politic, Physical Education): Students have to submit their academic report & related document for transferring or skipping these credits.

Why we are difference from other VietNam universities?

The Houston Community College programs offered at SaigonTech provide students with a strong basis of specialized knowledge via applicable teaching system, continuously updated with modern technological trends worldwide, as well as the guidance of the experts in the field. SaigonTech instructors have solid working experiences and are recruited under strict requirements of HCC. With Houston Community College’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, SaigonTech students confidently prove their abilities to work or study in the USA and other countries all over the world.

Key differences:
- 100% English environment
- American programs and syllabus are continuously updated
- International internships in Europe and Japan

SaigonTech is the first education institution in Vietnam that has all study programs accredited by SACS in 2003 and successfully reaccredited in 2012 as the official affiliate of Houston Community College. SACS - Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - is the regional body for the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the Southern states. It serves as the common denominator of shared values and practices among the diverse institutions in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Latin America and other international sites approved by the Commission on Colleges that award associate, baccalaureate, master’s, or doctoral degrees.

6. Post-graduation

When I finish SaigonTech program, can I learn the higher program (Master, PhD,) with this degree?

HCC degree is valid permanently in America and around the world. Students can move to higher studying programs with this degree.

SaigonTech students may have an advantage over other students when they apply for a job since they are holding a US degree. SaigonTech students are proficient in English, got good teamwork skills, presentation skills, good working and communication skills as they are well-trained. In addition, the internships in the curriculum also help students cultivate the skills they have been trained to build their work relationships. In fact, some students have earned a decent job and income before graduation. Please kindly refer to the “Alumni” tab on our website or in our catalog for more info.

7. Others:

How can SaigonTech ensure the quality of students while the recruitment conditions are totally different from other VietNam universitites?

The educational philosophy at SaigonTech is "to provide opportunities for those who want to enter college and have the capacity to pay for their studies." All candidates who scored 5 or over 5 for the 2 entrance exams can enroll in SaigonTech. However, during the process of learning, students have to put a lot of effort. Students must ensure full attendance. If they are absent more than 12.5% ​​of the time of class, they cannot take the final test and have to study again to ensure missing program. The requirement to complete a subject is not so low. Specifically, the academic achievement must be 7.0 and the specialized subjects will be 6.0, not at the range of 5.0 as Vietnamese institutions. Students who didn’t pass must re-study the subject instead of taking the exam again as usual. Most of all, students must use English not only in the classes but also in the daily routine around campus. SaigonTech has the policy of "English only" to emphasize the importance of this. (Kindly refer to Policy no.2 in the “Rule” section).