greeting from SaigonTech chancellor

Dear Students’ Parents and would-be Students of SaigonTech

Since 2001, SaigonTech has been the official affiliate of Houston Community College, Texas, USA. An unbeatable feature of SaigonTech is that it offers Vietnamese students a chance to access to a quality education and receive an America 2-year degree right here in their home.

During the past 18 years, several generations of students have found OPPORTUNITIES for themselves at this school.

At SaigonTech, academically-able students of schools for the gifted have found a chance to shape their own future completely different compared to others, the future of global citizens and leaders worldwide.

Students who wish to study in the USA but are unable to do so due to financial constraints have found SaigonTech as an ideal environment for the nurturing of their American dreams. The vast majority of them are satisfied.

Some other students even had the feeling of the sky falling down when failing to get to their dream university, They have found in SaigonTech a learning program that well matches them, rebuilds their confidence, improves their skills and equips them with ample knowledge. Upon graduation, these graduates will be the most sought-after candidates thanks to their excellent hard and soft skills, good sense of discipline and creative thinking.

Higher education is like a passport pre-conditionally required of any citizen wishing to pursue overseas study and/ or work. Likewise, the AAS (Associate of Applied Science) degree awarded to SaigonTech students by Houston Community College is like a “VISA” that helps them make their entry to America or multinational companies whether in Vietnam or abroad. This degree is proof of your English proficiency, your American education and your capacity to study and work in the USA or other countries.

We cordially invite all Students and Parents to visit SaigonTech and see it for yourself and to become part of the learning journey at AN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN VIETNAM, where more than 2,000 SaigonTech alumni have experienced and succeeded.

Welcome to SaigonTech, where you will find your life and career opputunities!

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