Information Technology (IT) is known as the hottest major, especially in the 4.0 era of Al, loT and Big Data.
A heartbreaking truth is IT people are always assigned to install windows, fix wifi or even cracking software. In some way if they cannot handle it the others will say “You are an spectacular IT and you don’t know how to do this!!?”


For your information, Information Technology is a wild field which is divided into many areas such as website development - mobile applications, embedded systems or the most influential programming is Artificial Intelligence - AI.
Moreover, this field has many training majors such as Java programming, Game, Network security, etc corresponding to hundreds of job positions such as Coder, Developer, Programmer.

Is the Pay Rate for IT always high?

Depending on the job position, skills as well as work experience, the salary also varies and will be significantly different. And exactly like rumor, IT ranked second in the top 10 highest salary sectors in 2019 (according to a Payscale survey of the average annual salary of US students).
The average annual salary for a student who just graduated and has less than 5 years of experience is 88.000USD/year. Number for people who have more than 10 years experience is up to 150.000USD/year.
In Vietnam, the highest salary is 340.000.000VND/ year belongs to Cloud Computing. Other jobs usually fluctuate between 120.000.000 to 260.000.000 a year.

Strict Requirements

It is not surprising at all to look at those numbers in the IT industry's salaries if they are aware of the job requirements and skills that employers require. 
The prerequisite skill  is to develop mathematics (algorithm), understanding how the operation of the huge data system today to exploit, structure the database for logic and come up with reasonable solutions.
Not only focusing on technology, they must also meet the needs of experiencing products of today's users with impressive, attractive interface designs (user interface).
Technology field is updated daily and hourly. Therefore, they need to constantly improve their knowledge and skills, especially foreign languages. They must access support tools through documents, English books or expand communication and discussion with IT communities around the world.
Nowadays, many people still misunderstand that knowing many operating systems or being good at programming languages like Java, C++ can find a perfect job. However, they have to face many challenges, especially the pressure and the criteria for troubleshooting and complaints are constantly coming up everyday.

A new path for your career

As we know, technology is an area that many companies can’t stand to “invest till it drops”. Though it is no longer a "trend" or expected to lead the future economy, Technology Industry Group has been and still the perfect choice for young people who want to better understand the "flat world".


Game Programming at HCC divided into 2 main majors: Programmers and Artists


Considered as a breakthrough industry in the field of Information Technology, Cyber Security is also a potential "land" for development of 4.0 technology engineers.

Computer system networking helps you master popular networking technologies such as email, file transfer, information communications, cloud computing, and secure data center construction and operation, information security.

Most current smartphone applications (especially Android software) can be built using Java programming, resulting in a huge demand for high-quality programmers resources.

Chip or Embedded systems are widely used in industry and life, becoming a strong development industry in the field of Information Technology.

SaigonTech - Vietnam campus of Houston Community College (HCC) is 100% trained in English environment with Associate of Applied Science (AAS), helping students cultivate knowledge and improve advanced communication skills, critical thinking for future working environment.

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