More than 100 delegates and IT teachers were present at the auditorium of Ho Chi Minh City Education Department to exchange and share about SRobot competition.

On the morning of September, 14th 2017, more than 100 delegates and IT teachers from secondary and high schools in HCMC and neighboring provinces filled the auditorium of Ho Chi Minh City Education Department to revise the achievements of late SRobot as well as to contribute comments to prepare for the upcoming SRobot 2017-2018.

Representative of the Organizing Committee summarize the SRobot 2016 - 2017 Competition.

SROBOT 2016 -2017 achieved great success with nearly 200 teams from 54 schools in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces registered to compete. The competition also attracted the attention of international education organizations and the Deputy International Cooperating Director of International Leadership of Texas school (USA) has expressed the desire to cooperate and sponsor the final prize for the next Srobot competition. These successes motivated the organizers to continue to develop the SRobot playground in order to promote STEM * education for students and encourage them to apply Informatics in real life.

* STEM stands for the words Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Delegates shared their comments on the SRobot 2016-2017

However, this was the first year SRobot use the Arduino platform in competing and apply the new competition format; so that there were some shortcomings in the regulation, organizing game and managing participant teams. The issues that some teams used unregulated motors, sensors, or robots from one school used the same program was pointed out to improve and develop SRobot playground to become an international competition.

Mr. Dinh Thanh Son, representative of SaigonTech and organizers introduced the SRobot 2017-2018.

Then, Mr. Dinh Thanh Son from SaigonTech, who presented the organizers, talked about new things in the upcoming competition. First of all, this year’s SRobot will be expanded to secondary school students to grow young talents. Next, the robots used are still based on Arduino platform, but this year’s competition is using Omni robots with multidirectional mobility. That helps SRobot participants continue to join in the international football robot programming competition. Ultimately, Mr. Thanh Son made the hall extremely excited when announcing the prize for winning team in this year is a trip to America to take part in a friendly programming contest with the students of International School International Leadership of Texas.

Demonstration of using multidirectional wheel robot

In order to ensure the fairness for all teams, SRobot Organizing Committee directly collected comments from school representatives to finalize the upcoming competition regulations, organizing method, and competition format. The valuable comments of the teachers are the basis for the Organizing Committee to prepare and organize the competition in the most suitable way for all teams. This year's competition will focus on fairness for all students coming from high schools, avoid being monopolized the prizes by elite schools.

Guests contribute their ideas for the upcoming SRobot in this year

All the planning, preparation for the SRobot 2017 - 2018 competition are running urgently to be ready for a spectacular and impressive launching ceremony in October 2017.

Let's wait for SRobot 2017 - 2018!

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