I. Summary of QTSC Regulations. Based on some dispatches and decisions

- Dispatch No. 17/QTSC-VPCT dated March 24th 2005

- Regulations on Entrance and Exit QTSC (December 2003)

- Decision No. 62/QÑ-QTCS dated December 30th 2003

- Regulations on the Security of QTSC dated December on 2003

- Decision No. 39/QTSC/VP dated September 18th 2006

- Dispatch No. 42/TB/QTSC/VP dated September 1st 2004

- Dispatch No. 05/QTSC-CV dated January 19th 2005

- Dispatch No. 16/QÑ/QTSC/TC-HC dated September 20th 2001

- Dispatch No. 23/HD-CAP dated October 7th 2005

- Announcement No. 288/QTSC-TCHC dated August 6th 2001

- Announcement No. 55/QTSC-VP dated December 1st 2006

II. Office Hours

  • For QTSC:

      - Morning: From 8:00 to 11:30

      - Afternoon: From 13:00 to 16:30

  • For other companies if registered with QTSC

      - The same as for QTSC

      - 24/24 hours.

III. Entrances and Exits

       1. QTSC employees or employees of companies located in QTSC:

- All employees should wear their entrance badges when entering or existing of QTSC. (See the sample badge)

- Companies located in QTSC must register the employee list with QTSC security guards.

- Employees wanting to enter QTSC after office hours or on holidays should obtain the approval from their manager and register in advance to the QTSC security guards.

2. Visitors:

- Visitors to QTSC are given a “Visitor Card” and asked to leave their identity card at the security guard when enter­ing QTSC.

- Groups visiting QTSC will be given instructions by the security guard.

3. Vehicles:

- Bike and motorbike drivers must stop and show personal papers at the gate when entering QTSC. Cars and other four-wheeled vehicles are issued an “Entrance card”.

- The  vehicle speed limit inside QTSC  is 5km/h.

- Items transported out of QTSC must receive written ap­proval from the Board of managers.

IV. Other Regulations

- Please comply with all regulations in QTSC.

- Park at the assigned parking lot in QTSC.

- Dogs are not allowed in QTSC.

- To secure property, life, and order in QTSC, all people and companies must comply with the regulations of fire and explosion prevention.

- Temporary residence and absence registration

   + Temporary residence registration: Students, relatives, friends, classmates of students, foreigners, or overseas Vietnamese who work in QTSC or visitors wanting to stay overnight or for an extended period must register for tem­porary residency.

   + Temporary absence registration: Students who reside in the dormitory and people who register a temporary resi­dence in QTSC should give notice to the temporary absence QTSC managing board when they will be gone overnight.