Regulation for SaigonTech computer lab

Hours of operation

  • Besides the normal operating schedule, the computer lab is available for all users at the following times.

- Quang Trung Location: Week days (Mon-Fri): 7:30 - 20:30, weekend:  10:00 - 19:00

- Note: In the Summer semester, the computer labs open at 7:00am.

  • Users who wish to use the computer lab outside these times shall contact the Administrator for approval.

Computer lab operator

  • During the office hours and the lab-opening hours, the operator is always available to manage the lab and to give technical support to users.

Rules for admission to computer lab

  • Only users with ID card may enter the computer lab.

  • Strangers who are not members of SaigonTech are not allowed to enter the lab

Rules for using computers

  • SaigonTech computers are provided to serve the instruc­tional, practice and study purposes of lecturers, employees and students of SaigonTech. Therefore any use of the com­puters outside these purposes is a breach of the rules. Us­ers are strictly prohibited from accessing illegal unhealthy, pornographic or controversial websites or playing games or chatting in the computer lab.

  • Users are not allowed to move any computer equipment in the lab. Whenever there is a problem and users need help they should report to the lab administrator or networking supporter for assistance.

  • Users are required to shut down the computers before leav­ing the lab

Rules for maintaining order & sanitary condition in the lab

  • Users must behave properly and follow the instructions of the operator in charge.

  • It is forbidden to bring any food or beverage into the computer lab.

  • It is the responsibility of users to protect and keep the computer lab clean and tidy.

  • Users are required to respect others by maintaining order and keep silent.


  • Those who violate the regulations shall be warned or excluded from the computer lab or even fired or expelled from SaigonTech depending on the seriousness of their violation.