1. Students must present a valid SaigonTech student ID card before entering any examination. If any student impersonates another student to sit for an exam, those involved will be disci­plined, according to SaigonTech Academic Dishonesty Policy.

2. Students who are prohibited from taking the exam can not enter the exam room.

3. Students are not allowed to enter an examination later than 15 minutes after it has started.

4. Students who arrive late (less than 15 minutes) for an exami­nation will not be granted extra time. They must complete their examination at the scheduled time.

5. After receiving the examination paper, students may not leave the exam room until they have signed the grade sheet, except for serious business (such as student illness). All cases must be reported and approved by his/her proctor. After signing, the students must leave the exam room and not re-enter the examination at any time.

6. Students are not allowed to use any unauthorized materials, as defined on the test paper. In case materials are allowed, students may not share any material with test-mates.

7. During the exam, communicating with test-mates is strictly forbidden. Students cannot leave their seats without permis­sion from exam proctors. Questions must be directed to proc­tors only, and the students must follow their instructions.

8. Copying from test-mates or showing/sharing the work to test-mates is prohibited.

9. Cell phones and other related electronic devices are not al­lowed in the exam room. They must be switched off and placed away from student’s desk.

10. Students may not write or make any mark on the test papers if they are required to write the answers on the answer sheets.

11. Students may not draw or write anything not related to the subject either on the test paper or the answer sheet.

12. Submit ALL the papers (test papers, completed answer sheets, scrap sheets) to the proctor when the exam is completed.

13. When the proctor announces the exam finish time, students must stop writing. After all test materials have been collected and checked by the proctor, students may leave the exam room.

14. A student who is absent from an examination must, without delay, submit to the Registrar’s Office his/her reasons for ab­sence. In cases of illness, before or during an examination, a student must submit a doctor’s certificate and a written expla­nation to the Registrar’s Office no later than 7 days after the examination. The doctor’s certificate must clearly state both the nature of the illness and the specific dates.

15. Making noise and/or harassing test-mates is forbidden during the exam time. Violators will be warned (for the first time), re­ported (for the second time) and expelled from the exam room (for the third time). Second and third-timers will be reported on “Academic Dishonesty Report” form, which is to be sent to the Registrar’s Office immediately after the exam.

16. Students will receive an “F” grade if they fail to take either midterm or final exam.