The following Rules and Regulations have been designed by the Management Office and approved by SAIGONTECH. The purpose of this handbook is to provide building users with an overview of all building facilities and services users’ obligations, restrictions and prohibitions. The Rules and Regulations also aim to protect the building’s reputation and desirability by providing maximum peace and enjoyment on the premises.

These Rules and Regulations apply to all employees, students, and  other people on the premises at a given time, including contrac­tors, guests and invitees.

The Management office and SAIGONTECH reserves the right to amend the foregoing rules as necessary, in order to maintain the good condition of the premises and to ensure comfort and security for all users.

Building Description

SaigonTech Tower is located at lot 14, road 5, Quang Trung Soft­ware City, Dist. 12  Ho Chi Minh City.

Opening time:       

- Monday to Friday:    7:30 to 17:00

- Saturday:                  7:30 to 12:00

- Sunday / PH:            Closed

Management Agent

The Building is managed by SAVILLS Vietnam, the leading real estate consultancy in Vietnam.



Management Office

The Management Office is located in the basement and can be reached by dialing Ext.1016. Please call this number should you need any information or assistance regarding the building. Your comments are appreciated and regarded as important to the op­eration of the building.

The Management Office is available during the hours from 7:30 to 17:00 from Monday through to Friday; 8:00 to 12:00 on Sat­urday. The building is closed on Sundays and official Vietnamese holidays.

Our Property Manager is on site during office hours to promptly respond to client needs. For issues beyond office hours, he can be reached via his mobile phone 0938 307 662 on 24/7 basis..

Mechanical And Electrical Maintenance

The Management provides a maintenance team who will take care of the simple issues in the premises (such as changing light bulbs, painting, simple carpentry, electricity,...). Other issues related to the building M&E system will be handled by the sub contractors.


The Building is serviced by Yuki 24 Company on 24/24 basis. The security guards are well trained and will whole-heartedly assist you.

The Management issues Visitor Passes at the Reception Coun­ter on the ground floor to control movement of transient person­nel within the building. These people must have an identity card and surrender it to the Building Security/Reception upon request. Passes are issued and retrieved daily.

For security purpose, the school administrative office will inform the property management department of any employees who re­sign or transfer to other branches.

Office and building items are not allowed to be removed from the premises without an Asset Gate Pass signed by the Property Manager.

Office items are not allowed to be removed freely. In case any problems occur, users must contact related offices (networking/ M&E office).

Protecting assets inside offices and classrooms remains the re­sponsibility of SaigonTech staff and students.

In case the Management office cannot be contacted, please inform the nearest security guard or contact Security at 1009.

Cleaning  Service

A professional cleaning service is provided by Hoan My Company

Cleaning Staff are properly uniformed with identification badges. They are assigned to work in the building.

The cleaning of offices is conducted early in the morning, at lunch break and after office hours to limit inconvenience. To ensure security, it is highly recommended that all personal valuables of SAIGONTECH staff must be kept in locked drawers provided in their office. We have standard procedures to minimize the loss within the Building but the Management cannot be held liable for any lost, stolen or misplaced items while the cleaners are per­forming their duties.

Exterior cleaning of the building will be conducted periodically to maintain a “fresh” appearance of the building.

In order to support the cleaning team, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following:

- Food & beverage items are to be removed from the work location at the end of shift.

- Do not write on tables / chairs / walls / telephones.

- Do not litter.

- Tidy up your work location before leaving.

Waste Disposal

Waste should be disposed in recycle bins provided at each work station and in each restroom. Daily refuse removal is the duty of the cleaning Staff.

Oversized items should be left in the vicinity of the trashcan and cleaning staff should be advised that it must be disposed of.

Pest Control

In order to provide employees with a pest-free environment, a Pest Control program is applied throughout the premises. The treatment is non-toxic to human beings.

The pest control treatment program is usually scheduled for week­ends to limit any disturbance to building users.

Parking Service

A motorbike and bicycle parking service is available outside the building from 6:30 to 22:00 daily. Your vehicle will be moved to the parking lot next to dormitory after 22:00.

Crucial Information



Management Office

Property Manager

Location: Basement

EXT: 1703

Mr. Thanh




There are 08 elevators servicing the building, please note the load capacity and use caution while moving large items to avoid scratches or damage. If you need to transport heavy or cumber­some items, please contact our M&E team for assistance.

Passengers shall take proper and reasonable care to avoid damage to the lifts and avoid causing any unreasonable inconvenience to other passengers.

These elevators may not be “held” at any floor longer than two minutes. If loading or unloading requires a longer period, the lift must be reserved with notice to the Property Manager and sched­uled for after hours’ movement (after 18:00). The loading and unloading must be carried out in the basement.

In order to save electricity, we encourage you to use the staircase if going 1 level up or down.

In case that you are trapped in the elevator, please press the emergency button to inform the security or M&E department.

If you would like to advertise in the elevators, please contact us in order to discuss the terms.


The building is cooled by a Daikin modern air-conditioning system which operates as follows:

Monday to Saturday: 7:30 to 17:00

Sundays, PH: No service except prior arrangement

Please keep the room doors and windows closed while the air-conditioner is on.

Please turn off the air-con when the room is not occupied.

Electricity Supply

Cummins self-regulating Kohler generator, with a combined 1000 KVA capacity will provide emergency power supply for all light­ing, power and air conditioning loads during blackouts. Transfer to generator power is completed within 20 seconds by the ATS.

In addition, battery powered emergency lights illuminate the stair exits and corridors.



Fire Procedures

In case of fire, do not panic, remain calm and dial: 1016 to inform the Management office about the exact location of the fire.

Pull the T-shaped rod downward at the fire alarm box in order to activate the alarm. Alarm boxes are located on the wall next to the exit door on each floor.

Try to extinguish the fire by using hose reel and fire extinguishers, which are located near the fire alarms.

If the fire involves electrical equipment, use the nearest CO2 fire extinguishers. DO NOT USE WATER.

Should the fire be beyond your control, do not jeopardize yourself; leave the building via the nearest staircase fire exit.

If evacuation is necessary, switch off electrical devices and ensure all doors and windows are tightly secured before leaving. Make sure that everyone is out of the building.

Do not risk your safety by delaying your evacuation. Secure or take with you any valuables and/or important documents, ONLY if time permits.

Do not use the elevators in case of fire. Only use the stairs. Close stair doors behind you as you enter the stairwell to keep smoke out of the stairs.

Fire Evacuation

When the Fire Alarm or announcement is activated, do not panic do listen to instructions whether to evacuate or not.

Staff are to evacuate only if instructed, unless they themselves feel that there is a need to do so.

Everyone on the premises must evacuate the building in an orderly manner by using the nearest fire exit and obeying instructions.  Do not remain in private offices, toilets, janitorial closets or pantries.

In case of fire, do not attempt to use the elevators. If you are trapped in a elevator, please remain calm. The elevators will auto­matically reach the nearest floor and open.

When proceeding to the fire escape when there is dense smoke, make sure you stoop low, low walk, knee walk  or crawl to the escape route as the freshest air is situated close to the floor.

Fire Precautions

Please make sure that the fire-doors are always closed and that your office door is closed.

Study the fire escape plan and be familiar with the nearest fire exit.

Be familiar with the geography around your office and the building.

Be familiar with the location of fire alarm controls, hose reels and fire extinguishers.

Do not overload the electrical circuits. For any additional electrical installation, contact the management office.

Electrical equipment such as microwaves, should be switched off when left unattended.

Inflammable liquid and other dangerous items are not permitted on the premises.

All passage ways and fire-extinguishing equipment should be cleared of obstruction at all times.

Any person who damages the  fire extinguishing equipments in corridors and rooms will be expelled from the building at once.



Black-out Electrical Utility

Should you experience or discover a power failure, call the Manage­ment Office or Security to notify the location of the power failure..

Calmly stay in your office to report on the situation. Do not attempt to use candles or organic ignition for illumination purpose.

Should you wish to leave your office, secure all doors and before leaving.

Only use exit stairs for evacuation. Observe directives from the security guards. Emergency lighting will be provided in the exit stairs and corridors.

When normal conditions resume, return to your own location to check the power supply and report abnormalities to Management.


Should you discover any flood water, please call the Management Office and inform them of the location.

Notify the nearest security guard.

If the flood water is in the vicinity of your office, take precautions to safeguard your and the company’s property.

Close nearby doors and windows to prevent further flooding.

If evacuation is necessary, make sure that all doors are secured and electrical appliances are disconnected before leaving. Do not touch electrical cords or plugs if you are wet or standing in water.

Secure or remove all valuables and/ or important documents, if possible.

Accident, Theft, Burglary Etc

To minimize accidents, theft and burglary in the building and to assist the Security guards to fulfill their job, students, Saigon Tech staff and visitors are required to wear Saigon Tech badge or tag while entering, leaving and while in the building.

In order to maintain a safe working environment, we have installed a Camera system on each floor to monitor and record activities in public areas.

Should you witness an incident, please immediately inform the Management of the location of the incident.

Notify the nearest security guard.

Stay calm and remain at the scene pending the arrival of Security or Police for investigation.

Do not touch anything.

Remain calm and report the incident in detail to the Police or Security Officers.



SAIGONTECH staff and students are requested to observe the Building Rules & Regulations.

All staff, students and visitors must adhere to the instructions of the authorized personnel of the Management.

The Management reserves the right to deny access to the Building to the following people including students, staff and their visitors:

  • People without identification badges issued by SaigonTech.

  • People with improper attire.

  • People with rowdy or physically/verbally abusive or threatening behavior.

  • People in an abnormal or desperate mood.

  • People with intoxications or in dubious repute.

  • People with pets or other kind of animals.

  • People in possession of  weapons, dangerous or flammable products.

Other rules and regulations:

1. No smoking in the building.

2. No cooking or preparation of food in the building. (Except in designated areas - canteen)

3. No food or drink in the common areas except in the designated pantry area on each floor

4. No littering within the building. Everyone is required to make an effort to keep the premises clean and hygienic.

5. Boxes, furniture, and rubbish, are strictly prohibited in the staircases, passages, common areas or fire escape routes.

6. No gambling of any kind or alcohol consumption is allowed in the building and perimeter.

7. All staircase doors shall be closed at all the times. Do not leave doors open as this will compromise the fire safety of the building.

8. No damaging facilities and common areas.

9. Toilet facilities are not for any purposes other than that for which they are intended; only toilet paper is to be disposed in the toilet bowl as paper is biodegradable.

10. No other items are disposed via toilet bowls.

11. Do not use personal work station for storing arms, ammuni­tion, gun-powder, petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas, butane gas, kerosene or other harmful, explosive, dangerous, radioac­tive and prohibited goods.

12. Before leaving the building, work stations shoul be tidied up. Windows closed and locked. Check that there is no risk of combustion or other dangers.

13. Please parked vehicles in the designated parking lot.

14. Do not access dangerous areas such as rooftop, atrium, win­dow, balcony, power risers etc.

Any damage to company or individual property will be pun­ished and compensation assessed.

I.  Summary of QTSC Regulations. Based on some dispatches and decisions

- Dispatch No. 17/QTSC-VPCT dated March 24th 2005

- Regulations on Entrance and Exit QTSC (December 2003)

- Decision No. 62/QÑ-QTCS dated December 30th 2003

- Regulations on the Security of QTSC dated December on 2003

- Decision No. 39/QTSC/VP dated September 18th 2006

- Dispatch No. 42/TB/QTSC/VP dated September 1st 2004

- Dispatch No. 05/QTSC-CV dated January 19th 2005

- Dispatch No. 16/QÑ/QTSC/TC-HC dated September 20th 2001

- Dispatch No. 23/HD-CAP dated October 7th 2005

- Announcement No. 288/QTSC-TCHC dated August 6th 2001

- Announcement No. 55/QTSC-VP dated December 1st 2006

II.  Office Hours

     For QTSC:

     - Morning: From 8:00 to 11:30

     - Afternoon: From 13:00 to 16:30

     For other companies if registered with QTSC

     - The same as for QTSC

     - 24/24 hours.

III. Entrances and Exits

     1. QTSC employees or employees of companies located in QTSC:

- All employees should wear their entrance badges when entering or existing of QTSC. (See the sample badge)

- Companies located in QTSC must register the employee list with QTSC security guards.

- Employees wanting to enter QTSC after office hours or on holidays should obtain the approval from their manager and register in advance to the QTSC security guards.

2. Visitors:

- Visitors to QTSC are given a “Visitor Card” and asked to leave their identity card at the security guard when enter­ing QTSC.

- Groups visiting QTSC will be given instructions by the security guard.

3. Vehicles:

- Bike and motorbike drivers must stop and show personal papers at the gate when entering QTSC. Cars and other four-wheeled vehicles are issued an “Entrance card”.

- The  vehicle speed limit inside QTSC  is 5km/h.

- Items transported out of QTSC must receive written ap­proval from the Board of managers.

IV. Other Regulations

- Please comply with all regulations in QTSC.

- Park at the assigned parking lot in QTSC.

- Dogs are not allowed in QTSC.

- To secure property, life, and order in QTSC, all people and companies must comply with the regulations of fire and explosion prevention.

- Temporary residence and absence registration:

  •    Temporary residence registration: Students, relatives, friends, classmates of students, foreigners, or overseas Vietnamese who work in QTSC or visitors wanting to stay overnight or for an extended period must register for tem­porary residency.

  •    Temporary absence registration: Students who reside in the dormitory and people who register a temporary resi­dence in QTSC should give notice to the temporary absence QTSC managing board when they will be gone overnight.