In Jul 2012, SaigonTech's team of priority engineers built the idea of applying the robot control in Pascal programming language, which is now widely used in all MIDDLE schools, HIGH School in the country, to teach programming subjects in high schools to create excitement , stimulating students ' creative thinking abilities. By December 12, 2012, the support of the young Science and Technology Development Center belongs to the Ho Chi Minh City group. Ho Chi Minh City software development and technology CO., LTD., the "Fun Robot – Learn well Pascal" project is officially launched and developed today.

The aim of the project aims to support students and teachers of high school and HIGH schools and to learn Pascal programming with examples of lively robots. Moreover, the project also helps with the career orientation, which evokes the love of science, engineering for students, from which to attract children to choose the IT study for the future. Annually, the project "Play Fun Robot – Learn well Pascal" attracted the attention and participation of dozens of high schools, with hundreds of students in TP. HCM and its provinces with two contests "creative video clip Control Robots" and "Srobot Lien Truong". The project has five phases as follows:

1. Project Management Board "play fun Robot – Learn well Pascal" message to the school

2. Project Enrollment Fields

3. Project management Board for training teachers and students to use the Srobot exercises library and practice manipulation on the simulator environment and Lego robots.

4. The school elections team participated in 2 Contest "creative video clip Control Robot" and "Srobot Lien Truong".

5. Conclusion and award

To participate in the "Fun Robot-study Good Pascal" project, schools are registered directly with SaigonTech school according to the following contact information:

Marketing Room

Phone Number: 08 37 155 033


Address: SaigonTech Building, Lot 14, CVPM Quang Trung, District 12, HCM City


Video SaigonTech Srobot 2015


Some pictures of the Srobot 2015 finals at SaigonTechSRobot 2015Photos of 1 out of 10 robot matches in the final round of SaigonTech Srobot 2015

Srobot 2015The robots are always very attracted to the radio alarm​

Srobot 2015A bright Robot is ready to compete.​

Srobot 2015Srobot 2015Team of teams running bots for the robot to compete​

SrobotProfessional HIGH School team members self-esteem, Can Tho​

Srobot 2015President SaigonTech, Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh letter to the ceremony and award​

Srobot 2015First prize antagonist Robot football team belongs to Hung Vuong HIGH School, HCM CITY​

Srobot 2015First prize of Srobot video creative in board category BGK voted on the team HIGH School senior Tran Phu, HCM City. With The "The Amazing Trip" clip

Srobot 2015Celebrating the final round of SaigonTech Srobot 2015​