Student Services

Access to E-Library of Houston Community College, America

Being a student of Houston Community College (HCC) program, each student will be provided with an accessing card & account for joining the e-library of HCC. Exclusively, SaigonTech students can use the data base and advantage studying services including:

  • Free accessing e-books on Online Book Page:  more than 2000 e-books in various fields, top – choice for researching process, conveniently arranged to look for.

  • All categories of e-book in HCC e-library

  • Data base for HCC’s instructors & students, including thousands of newspaper tittles, quote/summary of newspaper tittles. Students can easily look for useful & reliable information at any purpose and researching topic.

  • A sort-by-categories data base Electric Journals Library includes e-magazine tittles – arranging by categories or headline. The library is logically set up; students can easily search for online tittles. The data base also includes Electronic Journals Resource Directory – a mass file of e-newspapers - edited by Peter Scott at Saskatchewan University.

  • Reference webs address.

  • Online reference source, including quick searching list and full searching list of information sources, which will assist you in looking up for the fastest and most accurate information.


Add/Swap/Drop credits

SaigonTech allow students to add/swap drop credits base on their schedule.

Studying point problems

When having problems with studying points, students can come to the Registrar Department to get necessary information of commentary and correction.

Studying Report

Student can request for their official studying report in ASS office or in Registrar Department (with a prescribed fee).

Medical Services

SaigonTech haven’t got an official medical center for students. However, we provide students with a sick bay and medicine locker for common sickness (fever, flu phenomenon …). For more severe sickness SaigonTech will assist in guiding for local medical services. SaigonTech also offer medical insurance for students (optional).

Student card

Student card is released and renewed every new semester and only valid for one semester ONLY. After completing all the registration procedure as well as paying school fee, student will receive the student card. After the first week of every semester, student who doesn’t have the card cannot access into the SaigonTech building. In case of losing the card, student has to announce to the Registrar Department in order to re-make new card. In case of forgetting the card, student has to purchase the temporary card to use (valid in 1 day only). There will be fee for renewing and releasing new card. Student card is also used for borrowing books in library and using computer lab. The temporary card cannot be used for library and computer lab.

Student Document

SaigonTech Registrar Department (lot 14, No.5 St, QTSC) archives all of student’s documents and data. Student can request for it at any time. Nevertheless, only owner of the document/data can take their information. In any cases student cannot access or take information from others without the permission/agreement document from the owner.

Letter of verification

When student have a legitimate purpose, they can request for a letter of verification from SaigonTech. Student can contact with Registrar Department for a letter to the Curatorial Board, the verification letter will be provided within 2-3 working days after that.