The SaigonTech comprehensive program begins as soon as a student gets into SaigonTech until he/she graduates. Students are provided with 6 most practical education solutions to best respond to their academic needs, development and build their future in this globalized context.
On completing the program, students will obtain a “passport” that portrays them as global citizens who are capable of entering into any multi-cultural setting with:

- American degree
- Fluent English
- Strong expertise
- Excellent soft skills
- Global Professionalism
- Opportunities of international employment and further study


The accredited teaching program at SaigonTech guarantees that SaigonTech students receive the American comprehensive program. Upon completion of the program, students will receive degrees conferred by HCC, recognized by the United States Department of Education and all over the world. Such degrees scaffold students into:
- Transferring to the United States at any time to have their Community College Program completed with a SaigonTech student status
- Pursuing higher degrees in the United States and other countries upon graduating from SaigonTech
- Readily working in domestic and international firms or co-operations upon graduating from SaigonTech

“There is no gap between HCC students in the United States and in SaigonTech, except the geographical distance. Both populations are taught to treasure their academic achievements and recognize the value of their hard efforts to have their academic gains”
Dr. Mary Spangler
Former HCC Chancellor


A good command of English is an indispensable companion for any graduates. It decides whether he/she can find his/her fortune in an international work place and/ or institute.

Three reasons that students should take the SaigonTech Academic English Program.

- This 7-level program is designed for leaners, from true beginners to Upper-Intermediate.
- Students will have all 4 English skills improved, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing in an English-speaking only setting.
- All academic English skills are taught using American textbooks through various activities, presentation, summarizing, and essay writing…

When completing the English program, students will be eligible for HCC’s program, and/ or ready to take the TOEFL-iBT or IELTS for their overseas study.


The HCC program offered at SaigonTech provides students with a sound knowledge content of their jobs through most updated and highly practical theories. SaigonTech employs well-trained and experienced instructors through HCC’s and SACSCOC’ recruitment standards. Obtaining an HCC degree, SaigonTech students are fully capable of working/ studying in the United States as well as anywhere in the world.

Distinguishable differences:

- The America training program and textbooks are most updated and highly applicable.
- Students can have their internship in Europe and Japan to be exposed to real projects and challenges, to work in an international environment and to learn continuously from feedback, coaching and training sessions.





A criterion all head-hunters require of a job-candidate besides knowledge of their major is whether they have good soft skills.
At SaigonTech, students scaffold and develop their soft skills via team and individual projects throughout the course of their study. Familiar with researching, analyzing, problem-solving, time management, team spirit and leadership skills, SaigonTech students stand out and stamp
their names wherever they work.
SaigonTech dynamic learning environment encourages students to express their unique self and pursue their goals. SaigonTech Student Service Office (SSO) helps students realize their dreams, get their ideas developed and have their passion projects launched. Besides, SSO and other student clubs have organized many useful events. Students will have their all skills developed, experience life, build up their network and have a sharper sense of belonging to their community.


A highlight of SaigonTech comprehensive education program is the International Internships for all SaigonTech students. During the professional internship in Europe and Japan, students will have a chance to work as employed staff in International businesses, apply the knowledge and the know-how they have acquired and accumulate valuable work experience in an international setting. The internship will enhance their skills and support them along their path towards building successful careers.

5 Benefits of the European International Internships:
- Professional working environment
- Internship directly related to major
- Paid internships (in some countries)
- Accumulating work experince, professionalism and multi-cultural communication
- Exploring Europe and Japan most affordably


Career Readiness
Knowledge, know-how, creativity and independent thinking acquired during SaigonTech study help SaigonTechers mingle in professional businesses and stand out as “purple cows” in domestic and international organizations. With networked assistance from strategic partners and SaigonTech alumni, SaigonTech students can have best employment opportunities.
Transfer Studies
The American accredited program offered at SaigonTech by HCC enables students:
- Have their study smoothly transferred to any American university
- Seek scholarships from prestigious universities in America


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